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Law Enforcement Training

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The selfless nature of our law enforcement personnel makes it even more necessary that they be trained to look out for their own well being while also looking out for the safety of the citizenry.

No matter how safe we attempt to make their jobs, law enforcement officers have an inherently dangerous profession, and they willingly accept those risks. However, we see an increasing number of preventable incidents that could have been avoided had appropriate training been in place. 

Our solution

WVcorp employs a Public Safety Specialist with a law enforcement background whose focus is solely our members’ law enforcement agencies. This specialist, along with other members of WVcorp’s Risk Control team, provides law enforcement training on several key areas, including: 

  • Wellness and physical fitness to ensure optimal performance 
  • Safety awareness, utilizing pictures, news reports and videos of incidents from our vast claims experience 
  • Injury and fatality statistical analysis, as well as accident trends based on claims reporting and other data 
  • Scenario awareness through prior and pending litigation where law enforcement is either plaintiff or defendant through our claims experience and national stories 
  • State law changes that affect law enforcement, as well as policy review
  • Safety mindset and complacency, traffic-stop safety, arrest safety and safe transport of prisoners
  • Hands-on driving training, including driving simulator, which includes special considerations for emergency response and pursuit scenarios
  • Mental fitness to prevent and heal from PTSD and mental stress
  • Division of Justice and Community Services updates
  • Critical Incident Review – video, statements, and reports

Along with these training opportunities, we also offer 14 hours of coursework that can be submitted for credit through Criminal Justice Academies in Virginia. 

  • Law Enforcement Defensive Driving – 2 hours 
  • Law Enforcement Emergency Driving/Pursuit – 4 hours
    • Responsibilities
    • Policy Review
    • Sovereign Immunity 
  • Driving Simulator – 2 hours
  • Law Enforcement Safety Attitudes – 2 hours 
    • Safety attitude makes a difference 
    • Making safety a core value 
    • Recognizing unsafe attitudes 
    • Emergency vehicle operations 
    • Traffic stops 
    • Making arrests 
    • Transporting suspects
    • Safety away from work 
  • Below 100 – 4 hours 
    • Wear your seatbealt 
    • Wear your vest 
    • Watch your speed 
    • Complacency skills
    • WIN (What’s Important Now)

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