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Driving Simulator Training

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Reducing vehicle accidents has a tremendous impact on overall organizational health.

Vehicle accidents can have a devastating effect on your organization. With an ever present need for vehicles on the job and in the line of civic duty, accidents remain one of the most costly and consequential causes of loss. In addition to repair costs and the downtime associated with a vehicle out of service, there is the potential of damage to property or your reputation in the public’s eye. Still, worse than any monetary loss are the injuries and fatalities that occur far too often.

Our solution

Because driving is one of the most dangerous things we do in a given day, it is essential that all employees who operate one of your vehicles are properly trained. We use the Drive Square Simulation Systemâ„¢ to enable trainees to drive in a virtual space while operating the controls of an actual vehicle in a multitude of environments and scenarios.

Simulator sensors and actuators are quickly and non-invasively connected to your vehicle which is placed on turntables to allow the wheels to turn freely. Using virtual reality goggles, employees can then drive through various computer simulations from a familiar vehicle. This allows our trainers to introduce hazards that feel as real as possible in a safe and controlled environment. An external monitor can also be connected to the system to promote teachable moments for the group by allowing participants to observe the simulation.

Benefits to you

We use the simulator to help reinforce the safe driving concepts that we teach in our training classes. Trainees build the skills and situational awareness necessary to keep themselves safe behind the wheel by identifying their strengths and vulnerabilities in these real-world scenarios. As a result of this state-of-the-art training program, we are seeing a substantial reduction in driving-related claims. 

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