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Customer Service Line

Customer service rep on phone

Our Customer Service Line helps you get basic workers compensation claims information and the answers you need faster.

WVcorp employs a team of highly-trained Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) who are ready to assist members with claims questions at any time during business hours. Just dial 888.822.6772.

Our solution

The information given by a CSR is the same that would come from an adjuster. CSRs authorize workers’ compensation medical treatment based on records sent by the adjuster and medical professionals, which are put into our real-time claim database except when the treatment may cause a change in the handling of a claim. 

The Customer Service Line representatives can provide: 

  1. Authorization of medical treatment, prescriptions, or equipment 
  2. Instructions for what to do when you or your employee receive an invoice for treatment, prescriptions, or medical equipment related to a claim 
  3. Determination of status of a reimbursement for prescription or mileage costs 
  4. The status of wage reimbursement 
  5. General claim information such as a claim number or adjuster name
  6. Determination of the best person to assist you and connect you to that person

Benefits to you

  • A quick, direct, and simple way to have your questions answered at any time without having to contact an adjuster 
  • Timely information and response to your claim concerns 
  • Access to the right person if a CSR cannot answer the question

Want to learn more about this service?

Give us a call at 888-822-6772 or reach out via the contact page.