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WVcorp is right for public safety.

We admire the bravery and selflessness of public safety personnel who regularly put their own health and safety on the line in order to protect their communities. While most people are unable to fully comprehend and appreciate the sacrifices involved, we can certainly relate to the desired goal of keeping people safe. Why do so many public safety entities trust WVcorp with their coverage needs?

  • Former first responders on staff 
  • Endorsed by WVACo, CCAWV, and WVML
  • Only self-insurance risk pool for local government entities in West Virginia 
  • Customizable training available for continuing education credits at no additional charge

We truly understand you.

At WVcorp, our top priority is to protect our members from the vast array of risks that could harm their employees or their organizations as a whole. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive coverage available for local public safety entities in West Virginia. As the only public sector risk pool in the state, we understand the unique needs of the first responders that we serve.

We offer the services you need.

While we are confident that you will not find better coverage with any other provider, we are not satisfied with merely responding to your claims. We’re here to help you prevent losses from occurring in the first place. Our Risk Control Consultants work with you to help create or revise your risk management policies and procedures. In addition, we provide a variety of training options in several different formats to meet your needs efficiently and conveniently. Our program gives you access to online safety video libraries that can be streamed instantaneously. In addition, we can also customize training specifically to your organization through pre-recorded webinars, live virtual training, and in-person classes that can be submitted to the state for credit.

In order to make training as effective and relevant as possible, we provide trainers that have walked in your shoes and understand the unique risks and challenges that you face on a daily basis. Our staff includes former law enforcement officers who create the content and facilitate the training classes for your first responders. Because of their backgrounds and the fact that they each still have family members serving in law enforcement, they bring passion to the risk control work that they do.

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