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Protect your organization from the latest online threats.

WVcorp gives members peace of mind by providing liability coverage for digital breach of information. In the rapidly-evolving landscape of the technology world, new threats are always around the corner. WVcorp’s CyberRisk coverage provides protection from the latest threats and liability concerns. We want members to feel safe when accessing the Internet, which is vital for work life as well as using digital information and equipment when conducting public business.

Cyber claim frequency has escalated: 

  • According to the FBI, instances of Cybercrime have jumped as much as 300% since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic 
  • The Bureau’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) says it receives between 3,000 and 4,000 cyber security complaints every day, up from around 1,000 complaints per day 
  • Attacks against public entities have intensified (SolarWinds)
    • $1,500,000 Ransomware event 
    • $700,000 Social Engineering event

Our solution

Our coverage includes: 

  • Network and Information Security Liability 
  • Communication and Media Liability 
    • For unauthorized access to or breaches of personal identifying information
    • Transmission of a computer virus 
    • Copyright and trademark infringement, plagiarism, libel, and slander online
  • Regulatory Defense Expenses 
    • For any claims by a governmental agency resulting from liability related to network security lapse or breach 
  • Crisis Management and Security Breach Notification Expenses 
    • Coverage for public relations services as a result of a network breach or communication fault 
    • Expenses to determine the scope of the breach 
    • Costs of notification of all affected parties as required by law 

WVcorp is the only local government self-insurance pool that provides:

  • Cyber liability coverage with zero deductible 
  • Cyber Breach Attorney guidance on each claim 
  • Claims handled by Specialists familiar with Cyber Security trends
  • Ransomware/Public Relations event response coverage, no sublimit
  • Social Engineering/Fraudulent Instruction event coverage, no sublimit
  • No pooled aggregate for purchase of $1,000,000 limit or greater
  • Increased coverage available up to $10,000,000 limit

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