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WVCoRP is taking the threat from the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously. In our efforts to protect employees and members, while providing the support and efficiency you expect, we are updating the information found at the link below, which will take you to websites with trusted information to answer questions on related workers’ compensation claims, impacts of ongoing closures across the state, and responses to changes in staff availability during this unprecedented time. As the situation in West Virginia and around the country evolves, please visit this site and the link below to find the very latest information available for WVCoRP members.
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Here at WVCoRP, we know the complexity of the risks you face. In today’s world, those risks become increasingly daunting. Your employees and public officials face enormous pressure to meet the demands of clients, students, and the public, while providing a safe and effective atmosphere to do so. We take that obligation very seriously.

We were created by public entities for public entities just like you to address your specific needs in Property & Casualty and Workers’ Compensation coverage, as well as Risk Management services. So you can rest assured that we are working with you to ensure you receive the highest level of protection.

Having been around since 2007, WVCoRP has evolved to become a fully comprehensive risk management program to address any and all sources of potential risk. And if we don’t provide it ourselves, we broker the coverages through other providers. What drives us is your comfort and stability in a changing world.