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WVCoRP is taking the threat from the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously. In our efforts to protect employees and members, while providing the support and efficiency you expect, we are updating the information found at the link below, which will take you to websites with trusted information to answer questions on related workers’ compensation claims, impacts of ongoing closures across the state, and responses to changes in staff availability during this unprecedented time. As the situation in West Virginia and around the country evolves, please visit this site and the link below to find the very latest information available for WVCoRP members.
COVID-19 Resources

Coverage & Services

With our multitude of coverages, you are truly protected.

Over the years, we have diligently listened to our members to provide a growing number of coverages in house. It matters to us that we be a true one-stop shop for all of your coverage needs. Below is a list of categories of members that we specialize in and the coverages we provide for each:

Local Government Coverages

Authority Coverages

Specialty Coverages

But every public entity is different and has unique needs, activities, conditions, liabilities, and assets that need protection. Beyond the vast breadth of coverage provided by WVCoRP, we partner with dozens of other providers to offer specialty coverages, such as:

National Flood Insurance Program – Flood coverage for properties located in 100-year flood plain or coastal plain

Excess Flood – Flood coverage in excess of National Flood Insurance Program limit

Storage Tank Liability – Satisfies state requirements for underground or above-ground tanks

Performance Bonds – License and Permit Bonds for construction projects to guarantee compliance, and Fiduciary Bonds for security when managing the property of others

Animal Mortality – Coverage for canines trained for law enforcement activities, if stolen or in the event of death due to accident, injury, sickness or disease

Liquor Liability – Liability coverage for entities selling alcoholic beverages

Catastrophic Accident – Additional coverage, limits, and benefits for unique risks

Event Insurance – Covers loss of revenue or commitment of expenses due to cancellation for adverse weather conditions

Medical Malpractice – Liability coverage for healthcare providers and professionals licensed to practice medicine

Airport Liability – Liability associated with the operation of an airport and its aircraft

Marina Liability – Liability associated with operation of a marina and its watercraft

Difference in Conditions (DIC) – Broadens coverage for perils such as flood & earthquake